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these moments just might find a way into my dreams tonight

but I know that they'll be gone when the morning light sings

9 January 1989
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Yeah things are crap. You know that's the only time I bother to pity myself enough to write. :P

Things are not so great right now. I'm not sure what the future holds.

LIFE IS GREAT! I'm so happy right now...it's amazing. Things were getting kind of rough there for awhile...But I have a fabulous new friend that just makes me smile all the time. :)
School still isn't going so great, but I'm not so concerned anymore. Yeah, it's important, but that's not all there is to life. I'm finally really living...

give jackslittlegirl more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

things aren't so clear anymore. i don't really know what i'm doing here. i don't really care. i wish someone would give me a reason to go on living.

So yeah, this is my attempt at a bio:
Here's me lol:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
No, i don't have any more recent photos.
I wouldn't know how to describe myself except to say that I am smart, I try to be nice, and I consider myself to be a decent writer. I have so many things swirling around in my head, it's amazing that I actually ever get anything done. Here's what my mind looks like:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Since it's a still photo you can't see that those clouds are shifting and changing rapidly, being blown apart and together by the wind. I think that's how my thoughts are. They shift and change according to how my life is going and what is going on in my life. Right now, they are pretty spread apart and I'm thinking that it's time to pull it all back in.
I feel like I'm drifting detatched from myself and others. It's not a bad feeling, but it's not a good feeling, because really, there isn't any feeling at all.
"Life's just an hourglass glued to the table."

"In my heart is where you are"
If you want a link that will make you think, go here. i love gene forever!
New lay-out made by ME!!! YAY!
(This will eventually fill with inane drabble about my boring life and boring interests, like monkees and why i spell it that way (and it has NOTHING to do with the band), and APeX's blue bananas, and why Brad ever married that bimbo Joia in the first place and will Gene ever get married, he really is a nice man, and why don't they still have lickable stamps?, pretty soon they'll take away my envelopes too, i'm durn addicted to that glue, and why i can't swear while writing, but do it perfectly well while speaking?, well it looks like i'm off to a good start...)
(So yeah, I did say "eventually"...still not gonna happen...but i'm happy right now, so i'm adding, kind of...school didn't go as planned this year, but i guess i'll be okay...just got to live till next year...college will be alot better, right? hopefully...i'm happy and i want to share it, but i don't know how...any ideas?)